Removal of TWC

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Removal of TWC
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  2. JonaCC

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    Removal of TWC

    Link to/reason for TWC: JonaC (TWC evasion)
    List of vouches since receiving TWC:
    JonaC Vouches
    Reasoning/explanation for sketchy behaviour leading to TWC: I live together in a group home with some of my friends, my first account "JokkeW" was created by one of them because i was doing services for them wich got banned, (i personally did not read the rules) so i think i created an account to check out why i had been banned (not knowing better) i posted and got adviced to read the rules (wich i did) i waited untill my ban was over and create my own PERSONAL account so I created it wich is this one. Wich was probably a bad decision but i decided to do it just because i wanted my own account instead of someone else making it.

    Now i recieved a TWC for i think that reason and a week ban. but i have been doing services for some people and have never or would never scam so i hope the twc would be able to get removed so i can start working again once i get unbanned.

    I comit it was my own fault but only ask for one pardon.

    Previous TWC & disputes if applicable: /
    Anything else you wish to say: I was in the wrong and this will never happen again. i just want to do services again once i get unbanned.

    I got reported for ban evasion but i did not do anything after reading the rules and waited untill my ban was over on JokkeW untill i did login or create this account on sythe.
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    Removal of TWC

    Hello @jonacc, you will have to wait out the ban as this is TWC evasion. Creating a new account to circumvent a TWC on your profile is against the rules.

    The ban will expire and you can continue using your new or old Sythe account. After a month has passed you can apply for the removal of your TWC - make sure to provide vouches you've gained since then and follow the stickies in this section.
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