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  2. Coin Cartel
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    Your profile link: Coin Cartel
    All of your Sythe Accounts: ^
    Report/post/reason that got you banned: Reporting myself
    Proof of contacting victims for repayment or repayment of victims: Ask Gen or Screenshot - 22c5aa2d944be28490b3d9212ece4de3 - Gyazo
    Anything you weren't banned for but want to confess to now: 0
    Detailed description of the events that took place and why you think we should forgive you:

    Received a message from a player in a smaller Discord (that I had a Gold Selling rank in), indicating they had 1.5B for sale. In this Discord I have bought and (mostly) sold tens of thousands worth of gold. Before the deal the seller indicated he never buys/sells gp. For the first time in thousands of deals through the years, the idea of me keeping the gold crossed my mind. So I did. He didn't have any proof of the deal taking place. I deleted the few messages I had sent. No recording, no screen shots, no chat logs, nothing.
    Even with the 0 evidence at hand I still felt guilty and regretted my actions immediately after. With the short time that passed I considered refunding. I didn't even need the $900.00, I have never relied on RS as an income, and always played casually. When I learned on the Sythe general Discord his reasoning for selling the gold, I knew right away I would refund the gold. It confirmed my gut feeling that I am not a scammer.

    I found out the person I attempted to scam was Gens friend and the reason he was selling gold was to help pay for his unborn child. I was already aware that my Sythe would be disabled because of this, whether or not there was solid evidence at hand. It was either keep the $900.00 and accept the ban, or refund the $900 and still be banned. I refunded the gold immediately after learning the reasoning, apologized, and gave him extra gold the following day because I felt so bad.

    I am not a scammer and never have been. In the 4 months since my DNT I have continued trade (off Sythe of course) and never had any hiccups. I have never been accused, before or after the isolated incidence. I'm not a gold dealer trying to save a business. I would casually flip gold in a few Discords when I had the free time. 90% of my deals are selling profits from staking (check vouches). I am requesting a Pardon to prove I can continue to practice good trading practices on Sythe. I initially wasn't going to ask for a Pardon because everything I do is through Discord, however after speaking with Gen, he thought I might have a chance. I miss being apart of the community, buying/dicing mini ranks, and meeting new people.

    I genuinely felt sorry even after refunding the gold. I couldn't imagine ever wronging someone again. I now know what it's like to be scammed, and to scam someone. And to me personally it's the same feeling. I had the same sick to my stomach feeling when I got scammed for -$2,000 back in 2014, as I did when I attempted to scam someone for +$900.00

    Did you fully read and follow this sticky thread in the pardon section?: Yes

    Previous pardon link(s) if applicable: 0
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  4. Pendulum
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    Hello @Coin Cartel,

    Coin Cartel

    Reporting myself (Victim repaid)

    Your original debt was for scamming 1.5b which was then repaid. You were banned for attempting to scam. Since there are no debts remaining this pardon can move forward to voting. Results can take up to two weeks and when a verdict is reached, your name will be shown in this thread.

    Until then, please remain patient, thank you.
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