Josh's Twitch Bits Service [$1100+ Donor] [1000+ Vouches]

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Josh's Twitch Bits Service [$1100+ Donor] [1000+ Vouches]
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    Josh's Twitch Bits Service [$1100+ Donor] [1000+ Vouches]

    Welcome to my Twitch Bits Shop!

    With my shop, you can purchase bits to donate to your favorite streamer for HALF price, so everyone wins.

    Pricing is currently: $5 = 1000 bits

    There is no limit, so you can buy as many as you'd like!

    Payment Methods:
    Paypal (friends and family)
    Bitcoin (10% off your order!)

    How it works: Contact me through Discord. Once we discussed your order, you will send the payment. After I confirmed your payment, I will deliver the Twitch account(s) with the bits.

    Discord: Josh #1830 always request a PM!

    IMPORTANT TOS: By agreeing to purchase bits from me, you are held accountable in the very slight chance that Twitch rollsback your bits. I am also not responsible for any bans that may occur. All sales are final. No returns or refunds after purchase. Use your bits wisely!

    Thank you so much for checking out my shop!
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