DNT Request

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DNT Request
  1. Unread #1 - Sep 5, 2019 at 1:45 PM

    DUCKM_DNT Guest

    DNT Request

    Contents must include:
    • Your profile link: DuckM
    • Your total debt: $0
    • List of offences you've committed and ban reason given to you: Scamming $200 & Ban Evading (Scammed few hundred there too)
    • If you scammed, have you made any follow-up attempts on contacting your victims or received any response(s): All debt paid DuckM requesting a pardon for Ban Evading/Scamming
    • Anything you wish to add:
    I've made a request for DNT about 3 weeks ago or 2 weeks ago. I see no progress, so I'm requesting again. Looking to get DNT, tbh it seems you just don't want me on Sythe. If thats the case then please let me know via 483932817693343745 DuckM#8416 so I can stop wasting my time on DNT/Pardon requests.

    I used to think Sythe was fair, but after the recent DNT request and nothing for several weeks, I'm not thinking the opposite, I'll just rather be told i'm not welcome than to be ignored.
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    DNT Request

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