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  2. Johnson
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    Link to/reason for TWC: TWC reason
    List of vouches since receiving TWC:

    There are those on my gfx thread and 1 currency exchange as I don’t trade other things

    Reasoning/explanation for sketchy behaviour leading to TWC: Self vouching on the gfx service i offer, didn’t take it serious enough as I supposed it wasn’t going to damage anything but regardless, its still wrong and i acknowledge that

    Previous TWC & disputes if applicable:

    Anything else you wish to say:
    I am not a threat to the community as I always provide my service to meet the satisfaction of others

    If possible, merge with previous post made
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  4. Gladiator
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    Vouch Thread:
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    Your admission to faking evidence:
    You were generously given a second chance by Staff.

    Since your return, you fake vouched heavily and when I reached out to you on Discord for evidence, you lied, provided fake evidence and were never able to screenshare with me: (the end of our conversation)

    The image/chat logs which you linked have conveniently been deleted since you were never able to screenshare to prove them.

    You've been DNT + 3 month banned for falsifying evidence to a member of staff.
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