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    Hey =)

    im here to sell my Fortnite/Epic and PSN account (you will get full access, since we will change the mail to your mail and you can change the PSN name aswell for FREE, since it havent been changed yet) Since im never gonna play Fortnite again and i feel like explaining why to make myself somewhat trust worthy, so the reason to why im never gonna play Fortnite again is because 1. Im tired of it, 2. Im enjoying my main game Destiny 2 again, 3. Im a streamer and my community wants me to stream my main game Destiny 2. 4 i have way less viewers and support in general on Fortnite than Destiny 2 and 5. The biggest mistake i have done as a streamer was streaming Fortnite , 6. If i ever get tired of Destiny 2, im gonna take a break from streaming .. I havent sold a Fortnite account before so i dont what kind of info is important to put in here, but if'll try to put what i can think of that might be important and if you have any questions feel free to ask them and i will answer them or if you want to see the account ingame while we talk in chat party. =)

    pictures of everything will be attached, because i cant insert images for some weird reason, but it will contain pictures of: skins, backblings, pickaxes, gliders, contrail and emotes, if you have any question about what any of it is called feel free to ask me, but i cant be bothered what every single thing is called.

    • Vbucks Available : 550 vbucks
    • 32 Skins
    • 24 Backblings
    • 18 Pickaxes
    • 16 Gliders
    • 16 dances
    • Season 4 Max
    • Season 5 Max
    You can change the name to whatever you want, i will change the mail to your mail and everything else you want changed i can change for you or you can do it youself when you get the account and (It has never been changed before) here is my stats if you want to know them: Wins: 597 and kd: 2,86. You can get link to the full stats if you want to.

    • price: 130$ (playerauctions calculator says its worth 202$ ) there will be attached a picture with proof of saying that my account is worth 202$
    contact: here. I have other ways that you can contact me aswell, but i dont wanna got recognized by Epic and get my account banned.

    Screenshot - e4215ec370cd38b3828576ac34c34d91 - GyazoScreenshot - c1896f77e50a1af392062782477dc570 - GyazoScreenshot - bdeb98fc325db99494d1e2547afc9fbf - GyazoScreenshot - bd037b0a2861af58e2c763a26263299e - GyazoScreenshot - e71c38673296be6410edf1e20ef5982f - GyazoScreenshot - 5c6c338f581976a26693843eeac6c7d0 - GyazoScreenshot - c5f170a9cabf9f231b54192646f56ee1 - GyazoScreenshot - 7400e8813d2f42603ca33e14e362b719 - GyazoScreenshot - 90f9449a358b4ee13c111d06bc7b882c - GyazoScreenshot - 3947e2fb7e06dd93fadacd1397a4e552 - GyazoScreenshot - f30e5105951d660b9646616e9246b596 - Gyazo
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