BJ's CS:GO LAN/League Hacks (various software for sale)

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BJ's CS:GO LAN/League Hacks (various software for sale)
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    BJ's CS:GO LAN/League Hacks (various software for sale)

    BJ's CS:GO LAN and League shop

    Cut the bullshit rip-off's trying to charge you 3000-5000 euros for simple DMA attacking with spoofing, there's more complex (and simple) methods without having to fork out expenses on hardware to bypass anti-cheat clients, besides most methods seem to be detected now.

    2 of my teammates and I are here to introduce to you the LAN and League cheats we used locally for 3 and a half continuous years...
    Starting as an Open team, eventually moving to Amateur we placed top 3 in the league we were in and made it into Main where we destroyed everyone, eventually moving up ranks (I'll stop there ;P).

    Considering we no longer play competitively anymore, we've decided to sell the LAN/League builds to a few people


    SMILE (silent injector, aimbot/smart RCS/config available or simple exe/no HWID lock/hotkey(example: CTRL+ALT+A for toggle on/off) [Smile.exe]

    Regular updates/new features
    Aimbot/aimkey/smooth/aims between chest/neck/head depending on where mouse is placed/distance
    Smart RCS/strength
    Disable cheat function
    Smoothlevel ingame-function

    Undetected on (last detection;never LOL);
    OW safe
    faceit serverside
    faceit clientside (private league version) (BEING UPDATED)
    ESEA (private league version)
    EAC (private league version)

    PRICES -
    LAN/VAC/OW/FACIET SERVERSIDE ($100 USD per build, no HWID lock, lifetime updates for a few years atleast)
    League RCS CS:GO ($100 per month) (standalone RCS for faceit/esea client, doesn't interfere or modify game in any way)
    For long-term customers you have the option to purchase:
    Private league version ($150 USD 1 month trial/12 months $500 USD, daily/weekly updates, private discord server for Customer base).

    Also have other Software & Hardware for sale varying at different price ranges, software developed by a team of 3. (Hardware arduino/DMA attack/HWID Spoofing (faceit/esea ban evasion), league and VAC proof cheats, reverse engineering/bypass knowledge trade-offs, radar/trigger/standalone RCS/soundESP bypasses for FACEIT/ESEA.
    Basically have quit so anyone wanting knowledge how to Bypass ESEA/Faceit and intrusive anti-cheat clients such as EasyAntiCheat please contact me (have hacks/macros/scripts/cheats/bots for most games)

    I'll be adding a video soon of aim_botz demo and some other stuff.

    NOTE : This is not a user-slot base cheat, we reserve the right to sell the cheat at our own discretion and please do not be unhappy if we decide not to sell to you.

    Steam Community :: cocazoid

    CONTACT @ Discord // scale3#7238
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