Trade With Caution rank: Dispute template

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Trade With Caution rank: Dispute template
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    Trade With Caution rank: Dispute template

    If you've been given a Trade With Caution rank and don't know why, then please contact a member of staff using the private message system.

    If you are disputing that your TWC should not have been given to you, please contact a staff member or post if you believe your dispute is not being properly handled.

    Note: As of February 2015, you must wait 30 days after denial to post another appeal of your TWC rank. It is required that you wait 30 days from the initial placement of TWC to dispute. Ensure you collect quality vouches before appealing.

    A list of staff can be found: here
    The private message system can be found: here

    If you know why you've been given the Trade With Caution rank then please fill out the template below and post it in this section:

    Link to/reason for TWC:
    List of vouches since receiving TWC:
    (Please note: It's advisable to present vouches where the other party went first in the deal and where the deal was for a considerable sum, the more of these - the better).
    Reasoning/explanation for sketchy behaviour leading to TWC:
    Previous TWC & disputes if applicable:
    Anything else you wish to say:

    You must receive 5 support votes to have the TWC removed
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