[$300 DONOR] SafeRS Accounts | Full Graceful Starters

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[$300 DONOR] SafeRS Accounts | Full Graceful Starters
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    [$300 DONOR] SafeRS Accounts | Full Graceful Starters


    Current Stock Left: 5 (Always making more 20 in rest period, 50 training)

    1. Not responsible after sale of account for bans/locks/etc
    2. After payment is processed your account details will be delivered to you in private message.
    3. All accounts are originally created on proxy servers we control. If recovery assistance is needed we will help for 12 months.
    4. Chargebacks will result in immediate account recovery.

    5. Buyer MUST change account password and set a recovery email address upon receipt of account details.
    6. All sales are final, no refunds.
    7. All in-house/original owner accounts unless stated are unregistered with no email.

    Join DISCORD to buy today. Open a ticket and request to buy an account!

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