2FA Removal template

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2FA Removal template
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    2FA Removal template

    Before you post:
    • If you have your 2FA backup code saved, use this when prompted to enter your 2FA code.
    • If your 2FA codes are not working, ensure that the clock on your 2FA device is set to the correct time.

    When requesting a 2FA removal, please note the administrative team needs proof of TWO OR MORE of the following things:
    • Make sure you're posting your request from a home IP
    • Recovery phone number (If applicable)
    • Recovery phrase (If applicable)
    • Current registered email address***
    • Skype/Discord used in the past or present
    • If you have donated directly through PayPal;
      • Transaction date and amount
      • PayPal email
    • Registering 2FA to your account does not automatically add your number as a recovery phone number, you would have needed to add this manually in your Account Settings.
    • Third party account access (such as email and Skype/Discord) are not substantial verification methods - the whole point of registering 2FA to your account is to have EXTRA security past regular recovery methods.
    • Failure to provide aforementioned details when requesting 2FA removal may result in a delay.
    • ***If this contains your real name, you may include a picture of your ID to increase the process speed. You may censor irrelevant information.
    • ***If your registered birthday is your actual birthday, you may include a picture of your ID to increase the process speed. You may censor irrelevant information.
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