[BUYING] Old rs3 account (10yr+)

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[BUYING] Old rs3 account (10yr+)
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    [BUYING] Old rs3 account (10yr+)

    I've got quite the laundry list which would make the perfect account, but mostly i'm just looking for the old event items. Scythe, Yo-Yo, rubber chicken, Easter ring, hats/scarfs type old stuff. Looking at USD $210 via paypal minimum or btc and i'll go up from there depending on what the account has and its stats value.

    Nice-to-have things which drastically raise my offer but aren't required include:

    F2P only account
    All holiday event items up to 2010
    RSC Veteran
    OSRS already off tut island :p

    PM me if you want to talk privately and I'll give my skype.

    Thanks friends!

    *** I understand I'm not established account. To be fair and honest, I don't intend to get into the account trading business ever again. I'll do anything I can reasonably do to make you feel comfortable in selling to me, but it can only go so far without that initial handshake of, "Oh he's an established account". Right?
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    [BUYING] Old rs3 account (10yr+)

    we can use OMM.

    i have a 10 year veteran, OSRS off tutorial island (level 3 tho), SOME holiday events, 2400 total, level 138, 372 quest points

    for u, 180 usd
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