Dispute Forum Rules & FAQ & "I CANT SEE MY THREAD"

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Dispute Forum Rules & FAQ & "I CANT SEE MY THREAD"
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    Dispute Forum Rules & FAQ & "I CANT SEE MY THREAD"

    This forum is for disputes for Sythe.org. Please do not post your Runescape disputes here since we aren't affiliated with Jagex.


    1. You are entitled to express your opinion about a ban and/or a decision made inside this forum; however, whether you express it in a mature, respectable fashion will determine if you get a respectable answer.
    2. You must dispute your ban within one month it was given. After one month, the ban will not be reversed, and the dispute will be denied.
    3. All decisions made by the staff are final.
    4. Do not try and use the excuse "it was not on the rules page," as the moderators have the right to ban you if they see fit. The rules list is not final. It can be edited, any time, without notice.
    5. Only post ONE dispute for your ban/infraction. If your dispute was denied, do not create another dispute. Your dispute will be deleted and archived if you create another dispute after it has already been denied.
    6. Post as a guest if your account is banned. If you are IP banned, please ask a friend to make a dispute for you. Only if you are recovering a hacked account should you create a new account. This is so an Administrator can send you your new password if your dispute is successful.
    7. You are responsible for your IP address, and if there's a banned account on your IP, you are liable to be banned for ban evading. We can't do anything about this.
    8. Please state your username WITHIN your dispute. If we don't know who the dispute is about, we'll just archive the dispute.
    9. 'I didn't know about the rule'' is not an appropriate response to a ban. As a member of Sythe.org, you are expected to have read the rules.
    10. Disputing infractions is not allowed in this section. Instead, PM the moderator that infracted you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why am I IP banned?
    If you get a message saying "Your IP has been banned by an administrator", use a proxy or get a friend to post a dispute for you.​
    Why am I banned?
    You should see the reason when you attempt to log in.​
    My dispute was accepted and a moderator said I was unbanned, but my account still has the banned rank. Am I still banned?
    If your username is not bolded, you are actually unbanned. The system will automatically remove your banned rank once you log in and post.​
    My sythe account got hacked. Can I get it back?
    If no one has been scammed by the hacker, you can get it back. Post in the Account Recovery section. If someone has been scammed, your account will be banned until you repay the amount scammed back.​
    Why can’t I dispute my infraction/ban after one month?
    It’s hard to remember bans/infractions over one month ago. It’s also hard to dig up proof after one month.​
    I’m not a scammer, why am I banned?
    If you think you’ve been banned wrongfully, try to disprove your scammer report.​
    Why was my dispute deleted?
    Your dispute may have been deleted if you already created a dispute previously. If it has already been denied, your second dispute will be deleted. Alternatively, your thread may still be waiting to be approved or have been moved to the archive once answered: www.sythe.org/dispute-forum-archive/
    My Runescape account got locked. Why?
    We aren’t affiliated with Jagex.​
    According to my ban reason, I'm supposed to be unbanned. What's the problem?
    The site clock is off by a bit, but you will still be unbanned after exactly the length of time you were supposed to be banned for.​
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  4. Govind
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    Dispute Forum Rules & FAQ & "I CANT SEE MY THREAD"

    The primary goal of the staff at Sythe.org is to ensure that our users are satisfied with this site. This is reflected in our work, which includes banning scammers, deleting inappropriate materal, and cleaning up after ourselves, our colleagues, and our former colleagues.
    I've been a member of this site since the day it started, and a member of staff longer than most of the staff that have come and gone over the years. Naturally, I view it as my duty to reverse the way that, over the past few years, so many people have been banned from this site or otherwise excluded from this community, for reasons that are not warranted per our official rules, for no reason other than that they were personally disliked by the staff.

    I want to apologize on behalf of Sythe.org to those members who were punished and/or ostracized from this community for personal dislike, unfair reasons or absolutely no reason at all.

    If you were banned or had your account deleted for such vague reasons as being "sinister", "a shady character" or "an undesirable", or for association with the same, regardless of how long ago, you are encouraged to post a dispute of the following format:

    We encourage users who are still in contact with members whom they feel were wrongfully banned or deleted to inform them of the restitution we are offering. Obviously, this only refers to clearly unwarranted bans/deletions - if someone was banned for scamming or account recovery, for example, then they are not entitled to restitution.
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