2000+ Total - 124 Combat - 99 Ranged - 99 Magic - 6 more 99's - Great PoH - Original owner

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2000+ Total - 124 Combat - 99 Ranged - 99 Magic - 6 more 99's - Great PoH - Original owner
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    2000+ Total - 124 Combat - 99 Ranged - 99 Magic - 6 more 99's - Great PoH - Original owner

    - Account SOLD -

    Amazing account for bossing, staking, raiding or anything end-game


    Account has eight 99's, 2000+ total, 124 combat with ALL prayers unlocked and 90 herblore great for raids. Also includes the farming pet!




    Quest Points: 269/284
    Quest cape in the bank with the main quests done, needs only the newest quests to be able to reequip cape again. All Kourend favor done. Fremennik diary done up to Elite. Rest of the diaries are done up to hard.





    Pictured: Farming pet! - Black & white graceful - Elite void with all helmets - Imbued god cape - Book of darkness - Book of law - Black slayer helm (i) - Rune pouch - Fire cape - Barrows gloves - Dragon defender - Fighter torso - Ava's assembler - Salve amulet (ei) - Arclight - Herb sack.

    Great POH:



    POH has occult altar, maxed jewellery box, maxed pool, fairy ring and spirit tree (Note: account has 99 farming with all spirit trees planted!). Also, five portal rooms with numerous teleports.




    Account has never been botted, shared or compromised. I am the original owner and have taken account security seriously.

    Reason to buy from me?
    Haven't properly played for a long time. Family and job are getting in the way of gaming. Rather than see a couple thousand hours put into this account go to waste, I'd rather sell it to a new happy owner. Instead of buying overpriced accounts from shady websites and mass account sellers, buy one with a safe guarantee here for a very affordable price. Account is forever yours to keep. Feel welcome to play with it or sell it on, all up to you.

    Price: $175
    PM here or
    Discord: Waisec#0555
    Unique ID: 203982933458026496

    - Account SOLD -
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