Csgo Rank Boosting

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Csgo Rank Boosting
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    Csgo Rank Boosting

    Hello everyone,
    I am Asiimov , my account is Master Guardian Elite and I am offering boosting services.

    I do not have a smurf account so I will be boosting from your account. If you are afraid I will do something - do not worry , because when a new device connects your steam you can not trade/give items (skins , stickers or something that can be traded) for 5 days, so I wont be able to steal your items.

    At the moment I only take RS3 GP as payment , but not for long

    from Silver Ranks (I-VI) - 17M per rank
    to Nova Ranks (I-V) 20M per rank
    to Master Guardian (I-III) 22M per rank
    to DMG 24M per rank
    to Eagle/Eagle Master 27M per rank
    to Supreme 50M
    from Supreme to Globale Elite 85M

    If you want to contact me leave your message here.
    First match will be FREE untill I earn some reputation here
    If you have any questions - ask , I will be happy to answer.​
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