What can be sold/bought here?

Discussion in 'Real Life Sales' started by Govind, Dec 21, 2011.

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What can be sold/bought here?
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    What can be sold/bought here?

    What can be bought or sold?
    • Consoles
    • Clothes
    • iPods/MP3 thingies
    • Gift/game cards
    • CD keys & copies of software (please look here for more details!)
    • Anything physical, tangible and reminiscient of 'real life'
    • etc.

    What cannot be bought or sold?
    • Virtual or intellectual items, such as Runescape accounts or Runescape GP. There are other market forums for these sales
    • Paypal Accounts (limited or otherwise). These cannot be sold on Sythe.org
    • Contraband (weapons, drugs, etc). This includes tobacco and tobacco related products.
    • Anything else that would infringe upon Sythe.org rules (pornography, etc)
    • Stolen Items
    • Anything deemed stupid and/or a joke by a moderator
    • Hosting/domain names
    • Website invites
    • Gift Card CODES (You may still sell the cards)

    • The offending thread will be deleted/moved to the appropriate forum
    • The person who posted the thread may receive an infraction (depending on the severity of the rule broken)
    • A forumban (for repeat offenders)
    • A permanent ban if the item is proven to be stolen
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