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Jun 29, 2022 at 9:23 PM
May 28, 2016
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$5 USD Donor New

Vouch for Hike - Bought a sweet name for 100M 07 gold. A pleasure to trade with! Apr 27, 2019

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Jun 29, 2022 at 9:23 PM
    1. Oshy
      Sold me 780m osrs gp Via paypal. Was smooth and easy! thanks again <3
    2. LoonchBox
      Just bought a perfect 9 HP RS3 account from Hike without any issues. I have bought multiple spaced name accounts from him spanning over 4 years without any issues/recovery attempts, and I expect that this will be no different. You can buy from Hike with absolute confidence. Thanks again!
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    3. Unjustified
      Shout out to the legend Hike! Just grabbed a multi spaced name from him. Thanks again m8 appreciate it
    4. MyPvM
      Bought a few names from this legend, thank you!
    5. Kabuto
      Just bought a few really nice multi spaced names and it could not have gone smoother! I went first and then he walked me through the entire process without any issues. Thanks again! A+++
    6. Wortel
      Congrats on the pardon :) Welcome back, so far you’ll be back.
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
      2. Hike
        Yooo nice! Thanks! Maybe one day I'll be back for sales but my shops will remain closed for the forseeable future, glad to have everything aired out regardless!
        Jan 30, 2022
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    7. Gustangardia
      I have multiple friends and know of several others who have bought accounts from this user and have had no problems at all for years from purchases. Obviously was reformed from whatever activity got him banned in the past. It's really unfortunate when a large unique seller is in dnt hopefully the admins can accept a pardon. Looking forward to buying in the future.
      1. ^ Wortel likes this.
      2. Wortel
        Him receiving a DNT is obvious if he's ban evading or have broken any other rules in the past. I agree that I considered Hike as that one trustworthy guy with a small donor rank, however it's sad that all along he had a dirty past. I would've voted in favor of his pardon, though can understand staff's decision at the time.
        Nov 5, 2021
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      3. Wortel
        Regardless, his pardon was denied at April 29th, 2021, so he could've already made another pardon. Actually even if that one got denied, he could've already pardoned twice.
        Nov 5, 2021
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      4. Hike
        Thanks dudes, If you read the thread I scammed like $20 or something 15 years ago, I was in my teens. I got a new job during the wait period, and I'm working 12-14 hours a day with nearly an hour commute each way. I haven't bothered with my 2nd appeal as I just don't have the time to run my small shops anymore
        Jan 14, 2022
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    8. Wortel
      Sad to see you were/got caught ban evading. I always considered you like one of the most trustworthy small donor account sellers. Hopefully your next pardon gets approved, GL.
    9. Joshua.
      Hike was last seen: Saturday at 8:58 PM
      1. Hike
        Nov 26, 2020
    10. snobbish
      Traded him a few 3 letter rsn for a couple dope spaced multi names! big vouch for the man thanks again, always quick with it <3
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    11. Joshua.
      Vouch, amazing guy to deal with. I went first like always, never an issue. #1
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    12. Hugslovesquests
      bought a 10 spaced name ty brother
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    13. Error_404
      First time buyer, helped me through the process. Very friendly, smooth trading :D Thanks again!
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    14. Sea Brave
      Sea Brave
      Big vouch for Hike very helpful and smooth trading!
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    15. El Toro
      El Toro
      vouch sold me spaced name. THANKS!
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    16. Hugslovesquests
      bought a cute double spaced name
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    17. Seto_Kaiba
      Sold me account, big vouch. Thanks again.
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    18. PoisonousGift
      bought 3 wow classic names off him, simple clean transactions
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    19. tronrss
      Bought a 9 hp acc. First time I've ever bought an account. Hike is very smooth and professional. Really appreciate doing business with him.
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
    20. bearblasting89
      Vouch bought a 9hp PERFECT 1k total xp - 1.5b rs3, fast, nice efficient and would recommend
      1. ^ Hike likes this.
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