Where and when to start building your credit?

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Where and when to start building your credit?
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    Currently I am 17 years old middle class, I have my license and own car. I don't really have that many expenses, but I have been looking around lately and seeing that it is better to start building your credit at a young age rather than a late time. So my question is where and when do I begin? Should I start applying for a credit card now? Can I? Which one would best suit me?

    Feel free to add any additional details you think would help me :D
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    start off small

    get a credit card and use it specifically for paying for gas then pay it off at the end of every month, thats what I started off doing.

    Eventually I had my parents car loan transferred over to my name when the amount was reasonable enough, that also builds credit. There are a lot of different ways but just don't go out maxing your credit card. Start off small and work your way up. For the most part I dont use CC I use visa.
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    As soon as possible. I started when I was 21 and I regret not starting sooner.

    Get a student credit card, preferably one with cash rewards, like Discover More, Capital One Journey, and American Express Zync (This one has an annual fee, but you get the benefit of having a great looking card).
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    As many other people said. start small and apply for a credit card and use it to buy your normal things such as gas and food and make sure you pay it every month this will start building up your credit. Also when you turn 18 if you have a phone contract get it put in your name and start paying that as direct debits really help build your credit up.
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    Depending on your country you may or may not be able to apply for a CC right now. If you can i would advise you to get a credit card make your small purchases on it and pay your bill every month on time. This will slowly raise your credit and credit card limit. If you are a student they will give you a very small interest rate which is great. You can use this against them and raise your credit before the big interest fees start rolling in when you have completed school.
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    apply for a capital one bank card or a secured credit card and then work your way up
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    If you have ever gone to borrow cash before, you know that everyone will check your credit score. This is great news for people who have good credit scores but really poor news for all the people with terrible credit scores. You can get a no credit check pay day loan to build your credit when nobody else is willing to let you borrow cash. well, A rather nice advantage to payday loans online is the fact that you don’t pile up large balances. A payday cash advance can help you meet unexpected expenses when you do not immediately have the resources. Using credit cards to pay unexpected expenses can snowball into large minimum payments. In comparison, payday loans are quickly deposited and quickly paid back. Get more data at: No Credit Check Payday Loan.
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    Where and when to start building your credit?

    PayDay Advance places have horrible interest rates.

    Get a secured card.
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