Safest Auto Clicker?

Discussion in 'RuneScape 3 Cheating' started by Dark Pker 13, Feb 20, 2012.

Safest Auto Clicker?
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    Safest Auto Clicker?

    I haven't botted in a year, so all I know now is that the bots left after the nuke and that they are slowly coming back. I want to use an auto clicker to get my mage up, but I don't wanna get banned because I know a lot of people have been getting banned for botting and even cleaned for RLT.

    So, is any auto clicker safe to use? If so, which?

    Thanks guys.
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    Safest Auto Clicker?

    Govinds autoclicker, gotta pay a couple of bucks for it, but I've run it for 10 hours+ straight without any bans
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    Safest Auto Clicker?

    Auto clickers ar primitive and limited....
    Many dont even contain much randomness or antiban or anything too good.
    I'd check out Simba a color bot that been around for many years.
    Free, open source, you could even write your own script for it.
    It's easy to code for and there are tons of tutorials to teach you how to code too.
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    Safest Auto Clicker?

    If you can download I can sell you my very advanced alcher (lol, advanced alching) for a few mil. Also have a superheater, though I've been messing with the speed and trying to bring its accuracy back up.

    Stuff like alching, as long as it's not on for too long and has more than basic randomization (keep in mind, a single, unweighted rand(int) call still develops an easy to see, non-human pattern) then you should be fine. Mine does further things, such as managing a magpie, occasional pauses, and reporting gp-spam sellers and lvl-3 sorc garden bots, all of which make it pretty much impossible to get banned by some silly autoclick detection.
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    Safest Auto Clicker?

    +1 for Govind's. I've been running it on my main for about 15 hours/day and have yet to get banned. Got me from 80-94 mage so far :)
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