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    I finally got around to publishing my minecraft server! The map contains cities from SytheCraft, which is a server on which I used to moderate and play (more info:



    PM me for donation details


    How Do I Get Materials?

    Ask Any Admin, And He/She Will Provide You With The Material Needed, Unless The Material Can Be Used For Unconstructive Motives.

    How Do I Rank Up?

    To Rank Up You Will Need To Build A Decent Looking House In:

    A Free Build Themed City

    A Themed City

    How Do I Get Creative?

    Same As Above, However You Will Need To Build Two Houses In A Themed City

    Is Flying Allowed?

    Yes, For Now.

    Do You Have Protection To Houses?

    Yes, Every House Is protected. You Can Request A Protection By Any Admin.

    What Are The Punishments?

    1. Minor Offences
    If you commit a minor offence, you will be demoted to the rank "Demoted". With this rank the only thing you can do is to walk around. Building is set to false.

    2. Major Offences
    Any major offence will result in a ban
    Griefing is a Major Offence.

    How do I become an Admin?

    1. Built at least four decent buildings in free build
    2. Built at least one/two decent buildings in every themed city
    3. Donate at least 10 usd to the server.
    4. Be active, Nice and help out new members

    If you have any other question, PM me :).

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    a year of not even remembering about sythe, and now im back. Yet you disgrace me with unupdated servers!?
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