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Rs Bot Script
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Old 11-15-2008, 04:19 PM
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Default Rs Bot Script

I'm a recent edition to the world of RSbot, and I must say, it's amazing. The hardest part, though, was figuring out how to run the thing. I know it's pretty simple to run, but when you boot up that program for the first time, it's scary. When asking for help, I found that there was no simple 1-2-3 guide to RSbot, so once I became familiar with the program, I decided to write one (aka five minutes ago). So here it is.

How to install RSbot:

1. Download RSbot (D'oh!)
Usually if you simply google "download rsbot", you'll find a site that'll let you download RSbot. But if you're too lazy (like me XD). Here ya go:

However, it's a .rar file, and you'll need a program like Winrar to unzip it. You can find it here: Click on your language, and it'll download.

2. Once you've downloaded the script/installed Winrar, simply click on the file in your downloads folder, and Winrar should pop up. No need for technical stuff, just click on wizard, select the place for it to unzip to (I recommend desktop), and SHAZAM! It's done. You'll have a folder named RSbot in/on (insert file location here).

3. The rest is simple, open up RSbot, then click, either "Run Members" (if you're a member) or "Run Non-Members" (if you're a f2p). It'll open up a java window, and the screenshot should look like the Runescape startup page (like if you're playing normally). Just log in to RS, and welcome to RSbot!

Now that you've got RSbot installed, you're ready for some cheatin'. It's simple enough. When you downloaded RSbot, you downloaded these files called scripts. Scripts are little mini-programs that God himself (or the members of this site) have written to aid you in your Runescape adventure. Running said script will do many things, including: mine rune essence for you, mine ore, smelt, fish, cook, etc. And all you have to do is grab a big bowl of popcorn, sit back & relax, and laugh at the people ACTUALLY working. And then chuckle to yourselves about the folks over at Jagex who probably have no clue what you're doing...Hehehe, those stupid bums.

However, before you can run a script, you have to create an account. Go Settings-Account Manager.
Click on Add.
Type in your username and password.
Click Apply.
Click Ok.
All done!

Actually running a script is simple enough. Just go Bot-Run script. Then pick one of the various scripts that were downloaded for you. They'll normally have a little interface for you that'll help you run the program. Fill in the required information, select your account that you just created, and press OK! If you're in the right spot, the program will take over for you, and do your selected tasks.

What's great about RSbot, is that there is a programmed mouse in the program, so you can attended to other tasks including, checking emails, playing other mindless games, and chatting with babes! With a program like SCAR, it takes up the mouse, so you're not free to do said things.

I'd check on your script (at first) every 10-20 minutes, just so you can get the hang of it. How does it work? Where does it go? Etc. Don't worry about random events, for RSbot has automatic scripts that will run to solve this.

But oh no! Something happened! You want to take control of your character again. Just go Bot-Stop Script. Click ok. This'll stop the script, but you won't have something called "user interface." In the right hand corner, just under the red x thingy that shuts the program down, is the button that will fix that. This button has two settings-one red and one green. When it's red, you will not be able to interact with Runescape (except for the keyboard). When it's green, you have control.

Now having patrolled this site a few times, I've noticed several common errors. One of them being updated. This was actually the first problem I ran into. There's this video on youtube I found that will walk you through it: Follow it exactly, except use this website instead of the one he gives you for the update:
And if it ever says it needs to be updated again, just check back here for a new one.

One more thing. Adding new scripts. There's an already existing thread that sums this up. Definitely bookmark.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to add editions to this thread that they think will help new users out. Keep it simple, pretend you're writing instructions to your 85 year old grandma who still reminisces for the days of the telegraph. Grin
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Old 11-15-2008, 09:01 PM
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Default Re: Rs Bot Script

OK, good guide but this is a SCAR section not Rs bot.
I am not active on sythe

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Default Re: Rs Bot Script

o ok but i odnt like scar they should make a rsbot section
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Default Re: Rs Bot Script

where to get new scripts? that forum link didnt work :S
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