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Xealusion 666 - Advanced Runescape Emulator
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Default Xealusion 666 - Advanced Runescape Emulator

Check us out:
Click here to visit our forums!
Click here to register!
Click here for our webclient!
Click here to visit our Youtube channel!

Please note that you must be registered to play, you must use your forum name and password to log on the server.

'Mystic Flow

Xealusion is a merged server of Zealusion and Xaeron, there are several reasons as to why you should play our server. We are a dedicated team attempting to perfect an actual economy server that doesn't bore everyone, not some half-assed crap that's just leeched and has unrealistic content. We're attempting at making a fun server for everyone that's easy to understand, and we will reach that as we go. This server will eventually be a server with several bosses, many cities to visit, various minigames to play, and a player base that supports the economy. The server currently contains unreleased content, waiting to be released at the point in time that our player base has gotten big enough to support the content.

More Pictures:

Images (click to show/hide)

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Default Re: Xealusion 666 - Advanced Runescape Emulator

If I join can I become moderator? I can find people who are breaking the rules!
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