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Default Scam Alert!

Today 10 hours ago i got scammed by
I decided to sell my gold and was looking for good a trustable company to sell. I have read several good reviews about and decided to sell them. I went to their website manually and clicked LIVE SUPPORT. Got in contact with Jenny.
Here is our chat log:

Daegy: r
* Welcome Daegy! Your request has been directed to the Sell eu wow gold and other game department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
* Call accepted by operator Jenny. Currently in room: Daegy, Jenny.
Daegy: ni hao
Jenny: hi
Daegy: can you check if u need gold on wildhammer eu realm?
Jenny: ally or horde?
Daegy: ally
Jenny: how much do you have?
Daegy: depends what price
Jenny: 1.2$per k
Daegy: and how much do you need?
Jenny: sec
Jenny: we can take 95k now
Daegy: how do we trade?
Jenny: in game face to face then pay you by paypal
Daegy: face to face with who?
Daegy: chinese ?
Daegy: or random player?
Jenny: no ,my client
Daegy: you client can buy 95k?
Jenny: yes
Jenny: but need wait few mins ,let me call my client come online
Jenny: want trade?
Daegy: i have only 60k available to trade
Jenny: ok can you wait few mins ?
Daegy: yes
Jenny: ok
Jenny: sec
Daegy: how fast you can pay after the trade?
Daegy: do you need any prove that i traded or your client can confirm?
Jenny: in 30mins
Daegy: what about safety? i mean any tips how to avoid ban?
Daegy: how to trade more safe
Jenny: do you have guild bank?
Daegy: yes
Jenny: ok ,trade gbank that be safe
Daegy: hm not really
Daegy: maybe we can try face 2 face
Daegy: but can you tell your client to trade some grey stuff for gold?
Daegy: and we do it partially
Daegy: like 6x10 or something
Jenny: sec ,let me check my client first
Jenny: ok he will be online in 5-10mins
Daegy: sure
Daegy: i hope he is not from china?
Jenny: dont worry
Daegy: i really dont want to get ban
Daegy: do i need proof that i traded him gold?
Daegy: or u can confirm yourself?
Jenny: i can confirm :-)
Jenny: your char name?
Daegy: Lieros
Daegy: how much gold should i trade?
Jenny: 60k at once
Daegy: can u confirm the price?
Jenny: total 72$
Daegy: and you can pay within 30min after the trade ?
Jenny: yes sure
Daegy: can we do it more safe maybe?
Daegy: if your client can trade me grey item for 6k gol
Daegy: and we do it 10 times
Daegy: blizzard can probably trace such a huge amount of gold traded for nothing
Jenny: trade at once that be safe bro
Jenny: meet at sw bank
Jenny: he will be online ,i will tell you his char name
Jenny: Norplands is my client char name
Jenny: ivn he please
Jenny: let me know when you trade done
Daegy: lets trade 20k first i wanna be sure u will send me money
Jenny: and hit trade button after my client did
Jenny: my client need trade at once
Jenny: done?
Jenny: my client online?
Daegy: yes
Daegy: should i contact him?
Jenny: dont talk in game please,that be safe i think
Daegy: can we trade 6k gold 10 times for grey item?
Daegy: can u tell him that?
Daegy: cause he can get ban as well
Daegy: for 60k at once dont u think?
Jenny: sec,let me ask again
Jenny: sorry ,he need trade at once ,he already make an order 95k with us ,now onlu can give him 60k :S
Jenny: only*
Daegy: and after the trade u can pay?
Daegy: i hope u wont scam
Jenny: do you have more 35k?
Daegy: maybe i have but i need to trust you
Jenny: dont worry
Daegy: lets deal with 60k first
Jenny: ok,let me know when you trade done please
Daegy: ok
Daegy: after the 60k traded u pay yes?
Jenny: yes
Daegy: norplands?
Jenny: yes,my client char name
Daegy: trade done
Jenny: ok sec
Daegy: do you need my paypal?
Jenny: yes, got the gold ,send here your paypal
Daegy: ******** - my paypal confirm
Jenny: oksec
Daegy: im going to write review about ur company on
Jenny: okthanks
I dont know why its failed to transcript, after that she told me that i need to wait 10hours until her m8 comes back. She admitted that she lied about delivery time and excused. I agreed to wait and went afk nearly for whole day or so.
Now i come back and get in contact with Leo this time:

Daegy: hey
* Welcome Daegy! Your request has been directed to the sell eu wow gold and other game department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
* Call accepted by operator leo. Currently in room: leo, Daegy.
leo: hello
Daegy: hey
Daegy: i sold you 60k gold today and still waiting for payment, any problems?
leo: where are u doing ?
Daegy: wildhammer alliance
Daegy: it was 10 hours ago
leo: do with here ?
Daegy: Jenny assisted me
Daegy: you turned to dark side?
leo: Jenny ?
Daegy: yes
Daegy: i have screenshots and logs
leo: you mean in game ?
Daegy: i mean chat
Daegy: jenny said i need to wait 10 hours
Daegy: until some1 come back
Daegy: and then i get my payment
leo: no cheat in my site with jenny
leo: only leo and cindy
Daegy: man u know im goin to write review on all sites about ur scam
Daegy: 60k is not a joke
Daegy: and i got proof
leo: ?
* Operator leo has invited cindy to join this conversation. Currently in room: cindy, leo, Daegy.
leo: leo and cindy thats all my site mate
leo: no other
Daegy: dont even try to lie man
Daegy: already know people u scammed yesterday
Daegy: they posted already i thought i will be lucky and avoid scam but seems u turned into the dark side
Daegy: u probably lack money?
leo: i say again
leo: only leo and cindy with used on my site chat
leo: never do anything with scam
Daegy: nice scam tactics
Daegy: im going to post this everywhere
* cindy has left the conversation. Currently in room: leo, Daegy.
Daegy: so u wanna say u never had deal with me right?
Daegy: and u are not gonna pay for gold u took?
Daegy: i will leave bad reputation about ur company and nice scam tactics
Daegy: why the hell would u turn into the dark side?
Daegy: u lack customers?
leo: sorry busy now
The most fun comes here:
I havent closed my mozilla firefox after the trade and i am not brainless. But seems chinese found amazing way to scam people AKA "we got hacked or some1 using fake names under our company."

Here comes chat transcript with jenny:

Visitor: Daegy
Operator: Jenny
Company: mmof i y
Started: 30 Jul 2010 7:05:08
Finished: 30 Jul 2010 8:05:25
and here with leo
Visitor: Daegy
Operator: cindy
Operator: leo
Company: mmof L y
Started: 30 Jul 2010 17:39:57
Finished: 30 Jul 2010 18:17:39
Here is how link of support looks like with Jenny

Quote: i y.html?ps_s=qXspPHOjfP0s
And here with leo
Quote: L y.html?ps_s=qXspPHOjfP0s
So the only conclusion i can make to myself is to never ever trade with poor chinese. Yes they got nice scam this time. aka we are getting hacked every day

Beware guys i hope my accaunt wont get suspended :<

and i very doubt i am alone who got scammed like this, and they are still in good position, cause people cba to complain

Yes ofcourse u can say im lying or its not them or its phishin.
but at least i know it for myself and i got lucky that i haven't closed my mozilla after the trade cause at least i proved it myself, and had their website up for whole day.

ok and now more proof
right now i went into their live support again tada it was again faked one mmofiy, talked with them abit an after 5min i clicked again and it was normal one mmofly, they probably understood everything and changed back, they swap from time to time to faked support and to normal in order to stay in good position and have excuse.

i have managed to block their mmofiy customer support link, contacting directly

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Default Re: Scam Alert!

That site is not affiliated with
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