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Mint Condition ALWAYS cased Pokemon Cards for sale
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Default Mint Condition ALWAYS cased Pokemon Cards for sale

PM me for pictures. I can sell individual cards or as a set. Here's the entire list, as well as the condition the card is in

Perfect = Straight, no folds, no whitenings, no scratches, always cased
Good= Straight, no folds, no whitenings, scratched, almost always cased
Fair= Straight, whitening, scratches, somewhat cased
Poor= Folded, whitening, scratches

1st Edition Holo Heracross(perfect)
Japanese Misty's Seadra (perfect)
Japanese Sabrina's Alakazam (perfect)
German Lapras(perfect)
Japanese Sabrina's Gengar(perfect)
Japanese Magneton(perfect)
E3's Pikachu (Yellow cheek) (perfect)
Ancient Mew (Insanely perfect. Never been touched besides on the edges, flawless)
Hypno (Poor)
Dark Slowbro(perfect)
Riachu (perfect)
Brown-edge Promo Meowth(perfect)
Machamp 1st edition (perfect)
Vaporeon (Good)
Japanese Erika's Venesaur (Perfect)
Japanese Typhlosion (Perfect)
Japanese Meganium (Perfect)
Japanese Feraligatr (perfect)
Giovanni's Gyarados (Good)
Pinsir x2 (perfect)
Poliwrath Base-2 (perfect)
Zapdos (perfect)

Non-Holo important cards

Shadowless Metapod(perfect)
Shadowless Kakuna(perfect)
1st ed. Psyduck(perfect)
Shadowless Koffing(perfect)
Shadowless Pidgeotto(Good)
Shadowless diglett(perfect)
1st Ed. Jolteon(perfect)
1st Ed. Evee(perfect)
Starmie Shadowless 1st Edition
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