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Selling a couple Windows Keys (NOT MSDN)
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Default Selling a couple Windows Keys (NOT MSDN)

I have 2 keys right now:

Windows Vista Home Basic (ACER OEM) Key
Windows XP Professional Key

The OEM key comes from the back of my netbook I am using now, I downgraded to XP Home.

The XP Professional Key, I got from school, my school is full of dumbasses who leave the Product Keys on top of the computer, and on top of that, my school only uses 1 CD Key for all the computers in the school.
So there is a bunch of unused CD keys on top of the computers :P

I will sell em relatively cheap, not MSDN cheap. Like maybe $8 or $10 a pop.

Depends, Post here before you add me.

Free bumps are welcome
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