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ThatBoiRaffi: BaseBall/Basketball/Football Card SHOP!
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Default ThatBoiRaffi: BaseBall/Basketball/Football Card SHOP!

Well my great uncle used to own a serious sports card shop, and when he passed away from lung cancer my great aunt (practically my 2nd grandma) gave me over 1/4th of the cards in the shop. Have various baseball cards ranging from early 80's to early millenium. Rookie card to all star cards, to autographed memorabelia(sp?). I also have full team roster cards including the 99 Marlins, Rockies, Yankees and ect.

Rookie cards:

Derek Jeter [Collectors Choice Top Deck]
Derek Jeter [1992 Draft Pick TOPPS]
Manny Ramirez [The Rookies DONRUSS]
Alex Rodriguez [Collectors Choice Top Deck]
Alex Rodriguez [Star Struct SCORE]
Barry Bonds [TOPPS]
Jim Edmonds [TOPPS]
Reggie Sanders [Rated Rookie DONRUSS]
Pedro Martinez [Rookie Prospect PINNACLE] [3 Available]
Pedro Martinez [The Rookies DONRUSS] [3 Available]
Roger Clemens [Cy Young Award DONRUSS]
Tim Wakefield [The Rookies DONRUSS]
Roger Clemens [Stadium Club TOPPS]
Tim Salmon [Rookie Prospect PINNACLE]

If your curious if I have any cards, I will be going through certain boxes later tonight and picking out which ones look worth selling. Feel free to ask, prices will range, I figure I'll go pick up one of those trading magazines and get a broad spectrum of prices. Buying bulk will especially help with pricing.

I will post later, I can provide picture proof, all my cards are in mint condition, and will come with plastic covering, will provide each card with a shipping label for tracking. I will update this thread when I have more time, but for now, I'm just posting and letting the word get out.

Will Update more later, this is just some I skimmed through earlier who caught my attention. Have 400-500 more rookie cards easily.

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Default Re: ThatBoiRaffi: BaseBall/Basketball/Football Card SHOP!

Looking for 09-10 NBA Rookie cards.
Notably: Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Ty Lawson, and Taj Gibson
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Old 02-13-2010, 01:46 AM
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Default Re: ThatBoiRaffi: BaseBall/Basketball/Football Card SHOP!

updated somewhat, Will update more later, can provide picture proof of each card.
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Default Re: ThatBoiRaffi: BaseBall/Basketball/Football Card SHOP!

Any cards from Polynesian players I am interested in. I have about 600 right now (multiple cards from players like Junior Seau, I have 176 of), and I would buy in bulk for any cards I don't have, deeming the price is right. =)
You'll find most of them in NFL, because that's where we shine (ex. Rey Maualuga, Seau, and Troy Polamalu)

Also I may be interested in your auto's, as I collect that on the side for fun. Mainly NFL and NBA though. Baseball really isn't my thing.
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