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Cheap Advertsing @ SC
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Default Cheap Advertsing @ SC

Hey, I know many people that have started a new website and need help advertising. I also know many people who need help getting referrals. Getting referrals or cheap advertising is really hard to find at REALLY CHEAP PRICES! So what I did is opened up my very own Paid-To-Click website called SMILEYCLICKS!


Link Advertisements(Guaranteed Hits)--$0.20/1000 Hits

Click Exchange -- 0.20/1000 Hits

Banner Advertisements(Shown On Every Page Of The Website) -- $0.01/1000 Veiws

Text Advertisments(Shown On Every Page Of The Website) -- $0.005/1000 Veiws

Popup Ads -- $0.40/1000 Hits



-The website you will be advertising on averages 125,000+ website hits a day! 20,000+ of those hits are usually unique.

- Take a look at my website by clicking the SmileyClicks banner in my signature.

- Talk to me on MSN to discuss everything. If you don't have MSN then please send post below and maybe we can discuss over PM's. If you buy in large amounts I will give you bonus credits!

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