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Properly Typing
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Old 03-08-2009, 02:36 AM
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Default Properly Typing

Typing Proficiently!

Table of Contents
3.Where to place your fingers
4.Exercises and tips


Are you using 2 fingers to peck your way around the key board slowly and inaccurately? If so this guide is for you !
In this guide I will be showing you the basics of typing, and how to type proficiently.Typing is using your fingers to press keys on the keyboard to make letters or symbols appear on the screen.

It is very useful to be able to type fast AND proficiently; This can aid you in many things such as school papers or reports,emails and much more!


Posture is important to typing, and also to your health. This can prevent back problems and learning bad habits when on a computer.

Your hands should be in follow this diagrams guide lines.

Your whole body should look like this when on a computer especially when typing.
  • Wrists should be straight when typing
  • Shoulders relaxed and feet on the floor
  • a chair that puts your body at a good height to see the computer screen
  • And most importantly your keyboard should be at elbow height

3. Where to place your fingers
A key part to typing is placing your fingers in the right position.
You should put your left pinky on the "a" key, and you right pinky on the ";" key. your other fingers should fall into place like this...

Your fingers should follow the places in the picture above, with both your thumbs on the long "space bar" at the bottom of the key board.

Most keyboards have a raised bump on the "f" and "j", this can also help you locate home row.

This position is called "home row", I will call this position that throughout the guide. It will take some time for you fingers to get used to this position, so be persistent!

4. Exercises and tips
First off, every time your finger types a key it should return to home row. Your finger does not need to touch the key, it can just be above it.

Before you begin practicing typing, you should practice finding home row. Start by looking and then try to locate it without looking.

Learning to type without looking requires practice. Enough practice builds the neuron connections in your brain that will give you the ability to type fast and accurately.

Once you can find home row start typing the alphabet. You should look at first and as time goes on you should be able to do most of it without looking at the keyboard.
One of the most important parts of typing is capitalization and punctuation, many of these characters require the shift key. Some times people forget that there are 2 shift keys, so your hand should never be straining to type 2 keys at once because your other hand can hold the shift key.

Now you should practice getting the numbers right, and some other useful keys such as tab,enter and caps lock.
Try to type your favorite song or a random story, and use proper punctuation and capitalization. This will help you greatly when trying to type, its much faster to use the right grammar when actually writing your story and try to not to do it all at the end. This will save you much time eliminating a lot of the annoying editing process.

Now the fun begins, you should start typing everything you type using these strategies. This will take some time, don't expect to be typing 100 words per minute in 2 days. Give yourself a few days to learn the keys completely.

I promise if you stick to these guidelines over time I can guarantee you will be typing much faster and more accurately than your old 2 finger typing days. Thanks for reading my guide, please comment and rate

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Old 03-08-2009, 02:49 AM
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Default Re: Properly Typing

My figures and hand are so big i have to curve it in in order to type i can't keep them straight o_o
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Old 03-08-2009, 01:50 PM
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Default Re: Properly Typing

Oh okay, Those are just guidelines to good posture. Its just about using what works for you
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Old 03-08-2009, 02:24 PM
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Default Re: Properly Typing

Ergonomic wise the picture for hand position is wrong. You hands naturally curve inwards.
Forcing them to be straight is bad for you.

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Old 03-08-2009, 02:56 PM
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Default Re: Properly Typing

The diagram shows that your hands shouldn't be too curved they should be straight or slightly curved but not to an extreme.
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