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How to join together/split downloaded ISO files etc..
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Old 03-28-2007, 10:00 PM
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Default How to join together/split downloaded ISO files etc..

This guide will come in handy if you have downloaded some files which are in separte parts. For example i have downloaded a video clip/movie which was in 15 different ISO parts.
ISO is an exact copy of a disk which is used to be burt onto a CD/DVD.

1) Download HJ Split from

2) Install then open to program etc..

3) If you want to join the files, click the large Join button, as shown in the picture.

4) Click Input File and select the 1st file from the browser.

5) Then click start, the program will join all ISO files together automatically, if they were saved in the same folder.

6) You now have 1 large file (ISO normally), you need need to get another program eg. ISO buster, or burn it to a disk to see the files contents.

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