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How to: Schematics
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Rosette How to: Schematics

Minecraft Schematics
BEWARE! Large schematics may crash your online server
if it does not have sufficient allocated memory.
Though less likely; pasting schematics may also crash your minecraft applet
on single player if the file is exceedingly large.

What is a schematic?
A Minecraft schematic is a file that contains a selected chunk (explained later) of your MC world. When you save the chunk (explained later), it automatically writes a document with its own unique file type called .schematic-- vry original, amirite?. MC then places it in a folder in your %appdata% file or online server directory. These files can then be loaded up on your "clipboard" (again, explained later) and will be ready for you to paste it into your world, fully intact and fully functional in instances such as red-stone machines.

Step 1: Prepare your directory
In order to utilize Minecraft's schematic function, you will need a folder inside your directory. This is a very simple step, and requires no knowledge in order to execute.

For Single Player:
Locate your roaming file on your Windows computer (I don't know what it's called or where it's located on Macs, sorry). You can accomplish this by following these steps:
1) Open start
2) Search for %appdata% WITH PERCENT SIGNS
3) Locate the file labled ".minecraft" and open it
4) When opened, right click somewhere in the folder and create a new folder
5) Name this folder "schematics" without quotes (obv)
If done correctly, your .minecraft file should now look like this:

For your online server:
Locate your server directory either on your computer or on your VPS depending on how you're hosting it. Follow steps 4 and 5 in the previously quoted method in your server directory.
If done correctly, it may look like this (if you're using bukkit like I am):

Step 2: Prepare your game
Now that you have the folder in place, you will need the correct plugins for your minecraft applet and your minecraft server (depending on which you're trying to use schematics with). The plugin for SP is called "Single Player Commands", and for online BUKKIT servers: "WorldEdit". It can be located HERE for single player, and HERE for online BUKKIT servers.

For Single Player:
Download the game mod which I've linked you to before. The current version installs the mod at a push of a button which is really nice, makes everything easier.

For your online BUKKIT server:
Download the plugin I linked you to before. Make sure the file name doesn't have any annotations on it such as plugin_name (1).jar. If so, remove it. Place the plugin java file into your folder that should be labeled "plugins" or something similar and kill your server if you haven't already. Restart your server, allow it to load fully, and check your CMD/GUI interface for any errors. The install is relatively easy and straight forward. So, unless you changed the name of the plugin java file, it should work perfectly fine.

You're now ready to begin saving, loading, and pasting schematic files!

Step 3: Saving, Loading, and Pasting your structures
As I said, you're now ready to begin with creating and sharing schematics. Please note, this is not a tutorial on how to use WorldEdit. I assume you're coming into this guide with previous knowledge and experience in the basics of WorldEdit and other server functions and commands. If not, there's no point in continuing on reading this guide until you've learned to use them efficiently. With that said, let's continue.

Saving a schematic:
1) Type //wand to obtain the WorldEdit wand tool
2) Select the entirety of your structure with the wand
3) Make note of the size of your selection (I.E. 25x25x60, X number of blocks)
3) Stand in an easily manageable location (in a corner or next to the "front" of your building. OUTSIDE the building works best)
4) Type //schematic save MCE [FILENAME_NOSPACES] (make it easily remembered so you don't have to get into your files in order to remember the exact name)
If done correctly, you should now be able to see the file in your schematics folder, named as per what you put in the save command. Here's an example of some saved schematics:

Loading a schematic:
1) If you haven't already, select the file you want to load, and put them into your schematics folder. Take note of the file name for time's sake.
2) Type //schematic load MCE [EXACTFILENAME] on your server or single player game. You should receive a confirmation note stating that you've successfully loading the file.
Simple enough, the most trouble you may encounter is having a downloaded schematic with a very long, difficult name. In this case, you can simply rename the file in your directory to something easier.

Paste a schematic:
1) Load your schematic if you have not already
2) Take note of the size of the schematic, and where the user was located when he saved the file. This will determine where you will end up pasting the structure, relative to your location when typing the command. Do so carefully, large schematics are a bitch to paste, undo, and repaste when needed.
3) Type //paste
4) If the schematic does not paste in the way you wanted it to, you can type //undo and try again.

You should now know how to fully enjoy the schematics function!
Have fun, and get to building.
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Default Re: How to: Schematics

seems interesting, gonna try
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Default Re: How to: Schematics

Very informative, I love the fact that schematics can be used in both Multiplayer and Single Player. Adding to your post, if you do have a schematic folder, this means you did not save a copied selection yet. Meaning, if you thought you did, you installed or had a typo in the executed command.

Another favoured tool of mine is the Picture to .schematic Software. It is found here and is developed by Pasukaru a member of Bukkit. This allows you to upload a photo and it will convert it into a schematic along with other configurations you specify!

(click for vouches)

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Default Re: How to: Schematics

Updated to accommodate the change in commands. Instead of //save and //load, you must instruct worldedit to use the schematic function, and which file-type you're uploading (default and standard is called "MCE")

The new commands look like this:
//<schematic|schem> <save|load> MCE <filename>
So //schem save MCE building will save you creation and name it "building" while //schem load MCE building will upload it to be //pasted.
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