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Default Castle Age iOS

Generals: Agamemnon, Aurelius, Raziel, Malekus, Ameron, Xira(Evalice also), Orc King, Skaar, and many many more.

Current stats: 202 energy, 151 stamina, 351 health (3510 guild battles)

215 attack/ 1234 defense with Aurelius
546/774 with Evalice

Item Archive (available every 24 hour for 24 hours) +123 atk/ +13 def

With Aurelius equppied and the item archive bonus up the account runs about 6.8 BSI.

Lvl 5 cleric with resistance 4, heal 2, and cleanse 4

lvl 237

hit me up if you are interested, i have a lot of time

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