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Default Interesting Developers Blog for 07 Scape

Hi everyone,

Two weeks since the launch of Old School RuneScape and the community is going strong! We’re delighted to have a group of players that really love the game and are talking constructively about the community and the game’s future.

As mentioned in the last devblog, this week we patched in a bunch of fixes, most notably reinstating the Construction skill and with it Player Owned Housing. It’s been fascinating watching the tussle for supremacy on the Construction hi score table

For next week our main update (all going well) will patch back in Barbarian Assault.

We’re also aiming to get the first community content polls open next week. We’ve been listening carefully to the discussion of this topic following last week’s devblog, and there has been a lot of agreement from within the community about how such polls should be run. Therefore we’ll be setting up the polls to run under the following principles:

Each feature poll will have a yes/no answer
Each feature poll will run for a week, although we will often run several polls at once.
A feature requires 75% yes vote in order to be successful.
Only players with at least 100 total level in Old School RuneScape can vote.

The features being polled will be drawn from community discussions in the Old School Feedback forum and then filtered & shortlisted by the developers to make sure what’s requested is possible within a reasonable time frame.

We’re going for fairly quick and simple changes for this first content poll. We’ve not locked these down yet, but to give you a taster of our current plans for the features to be voted on in the first content poll:

Easter event – the 2007 Easter holiday event is re-activated to coincide with Easter this year.
Herb naming – unidentified herbs become grimy <herb name>.
Remove roof – a command to toggle the visibility all roofs on and off.
‘Enter’ to login – the enter key submits login information, rather than only the login button.
Bank booths – left click bank booths to instantly open the bank interface.
F2P worlds – still members only, but allows PKers to fight with F2P gear restrictions

We’ve also been thinking about whether the game should have rares or holiday items, and if so how they should be introduced. There’s been some community discussion of this already, but now’s the time to focus the ideas towards a feature proposal for everyone to vote on in a subsequent set of polls. Please take a look at the official rares thread here to get involved in that discussion.

I also wanted to let you know that we’re still working in the background to integrate more of our anti-bot technology into the Old School servers, and as part of this banned several hundred gold farmers yesterday.
What do you all make of this? I think the idea about making at least 75% in favour to change something is a good idea, as no drastic measures can be taken without nearly everyone behind it.

But, being filtered through the developers and then shortlisted may see the re-emergence of eoc like ideas...

Rares being brought into the game could be very interesting; does anyone know the most supported way to do this at the moment?

And finally, apparently jagex did their first banning of gold farmers yesterday. Has anyone been affected by this?

Vouch thread:

Good trades: 24
Bad trades: 1
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